Ozmosis Research Inc

Ozmosis Research Inc

Our Vision of our Future is ...

To achieve global recognition for quality clinical trial management services

Our Mission ...

Through our expertise in drug development, ethical business development, effective and efficient clinical trials management. We will collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies academic institutions and our investigators to ensure their specific research needs are met.

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Ozmosis Research
is a social enterprise (not for profit) Clinical Trials Management Company and was founded in 2005. We are an experienced Clinical Trials Management Company offering a full spectrum of services. The company started as a spin-off incorporating principals from the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Drug Development Program (DDP) to fill a niche organizing and managing oncology clinical trials. The directors have developed expertise in running Phase I, II and III single and multi-centre oncology clinical trials. Specifically Dr Oza and Ms Degendorfer were part of a group that initiated the Princess Margaret Hospital Phase II Consortium in 2001.


This was a contract won through the National Cancer Institute/ National Institute of Health in the US. The consortium established a central coordinating centre which conducted clinical trials through a network of Cancer Centres with policies and procedures in place to design, develop and conduct clinical trials in an efficient and time sensitive manner.


All these studies were developed by the Consortium at arms length from the Pharmaceutical industry, sponsored, managed and conducted by the Consortium and met all the quality and compliance standards for GCP, Health Canada and FDA regulations. In the course of developing this consortium, the principals gained extensive experience in the efficient management and coordination of multicentre clinical trials.

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Ozmosis Research was developed as a spin out company in 2005 to fulfill a niche as an academic trials management company that can develop, design and conduct clinical trials at the highest industry standards. We understand the complexities and challenges inherent in both pharmaceutical sponsored and investigator-sponsored trials.


Our philosophy is to help develop and implement high quality research studies and make the process as easy as possible for the investigators and sponsors to conduct the trials, comply with all regulatory requirements in accordance with GCP. We have strong ties with the academic community from which this company has evolved and therefore, the company is uniquely positioned to partner with academic institutions, consortia and pharmaceutical companies in developing clinical and translational trials of novel agents.