Ozmosis Research Inc

Ozmosis Research Inc

Ozmosis Research Inc. offers services provided by traditional contract research organizations and site management organizations, with a distinct advantage – our oncology and drug development expertise. Ozmosis Research Inc. works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as investigators to design and implement Phase I, II and III clinical trials.

Working together with you, we customize our services to ensure your specific research needs are met.

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Ozmosis Research Inc. is a full service Clinical Trials Management Company. We are a trusted partner for both large and small corporations, academic institutions, and investigators. We provide quality services to meet the demands of today’s complex drug development process.

Ozmosis Research Inc. is a social enterprise (not for profit) Ontario Corporation and we are proud to present our prestigious Board of Directors: Amit Oza - CEO Ozmosis, Pamela Degendorfer - COO Ozmosis, Christopher Paige - VP of Research at UHN, Malcom Moore - Division Head of Medical Oncology and Hematology at PMH, Mary Gospodarowicz - Medical Director of Cancer Services for PMH, Paul Alofs - President and CEO of the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Piyush Patel - past CEO of Allied Clinical Research. This impressive Board will work with the Ozmosis executive and will bring broad leadership and scientific expertise to our clients.

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The Ozmosis Advantage

Ozmosis embraces an environment which promotes continuous improvement to ensure we are always exceeding our client’s expectations.

We always ask:

•  How well do we meet your needs?
•  How effectively do we solve your problems?
•  How quickly do we anticipate what you will want next?

The customer experience matters to us and is an integral part of our core values at Ozmosis Research.